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It's a bittersweet month here at Jane, as we say farewell to a very special employee, Meagan who worked for us for 9 years and became apart of the Jane family. She's being promoted to the exceptional role of becoming a mother, which brings us immense joy.

Home Away From Home

Meagan was an outstanding member of our team and was the example of how you can explore the world by working with passion and enthusiasm. She described her job as her "home away from home", taking with her countless memories and innumerable skills that will serve her throughout her life including parenthood.

The Jane Family

Importance of Self-Growth & Discovery

In Meagan's words she shared with us her thoughts and experiences over the years:

"There are so many best parts about working at Jane, first off: I’m proud to be an integral part of a bustling restaurant that serves its community quality food with genuine service. Second of all: working for a family who understands the importance of self growth and discovery in their employees with the combination of schedule allowance has quite literally allowed me to see the world, and that is something I am forever grateful for. Lastly, the friends I’ve made and the people that have come into my life through Jane have become some of my closest friends. They are artists, pioneers, comedians, philanthropists, the most interesting and caring people who have taught me so much about life; people that I would have never met if it wasn’t for the job and who have been a huge part of my support system both inside and out of the restaurant."

We've cherished the memories with Meagan as she's left a lasting impression and positive impact. We'll miss her love for Michael Bublé and playing Christmas music in November;-)

"It's been my pleasure and joy working together with Meagan over the past 9 years. She will be sincerely missed at the restaurant, but I cannot wait to see her grow in this new role and meet her sweet son."

Jane xo


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